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Working to together to help you S.A.V.E.!

Day Dreaming About Home Ownership…

Would Up To $5000 Help?

MWS Properties and Bill Webb Homes (BW Homes) would like you to Start Accruing Valuable Equity or S.A.V.E. with us! Simply enroll & live at any MWS Property for a minimum of 1 year to qualify for SAVE benefits. This unique program is simple and it is completely FREE to participate. Once enrolled you will accrue $150 for every month you reside at any MWS Property with a maximum amount of $5000, to be used only towards the purchase of a new BW Home.

You must register for the SAVE program in order to participate in this exciting perk! Please ask the office staff for more information in order to sign up.

We're making dreams a reality in Chico!


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